Why do I have to work out?


You’ve definitely heard 1,000 times…

« Working out / doing sports is good for you!’”

Apparently “it’s good for your health”

But have you ever asked yourself WHY?


What do you obtain by doing it?

Today’s post is exactly about this!

50 reasons (net and direct benefits) to workout

With bullets 😉

Let’s see!

  1. It improves your mood!
  2. It increases the learning ability!
  3. It increases your self-confidence!
  4. It keeps your brain active!
  5. It keeps your body in shape!
  6. It improves your mental health!
  7. Your immune system becomes stronger!
  8. It reduces stress!
  9. It makes you feel happier!
  10. It has an anti-aging effect!
  11. Your skin is more beautiful!
  12. You sleep better!
  13. It helps to prevent heart attack!
  14. Your joints are stronger!
  15. It increases muscle strength!
  16. It reduces anxiety!
  17. Your memory is better!
  18. It helps to get rid of addictions (cigarettes, alcohol, drugs)!
  19. It increases productivity!
  20. It improves your creative thinking ability!
  21. A better body image!
  22. It makes you more confident!
  23. It helps you focus!
  24. It helps you eat better!
  25. You live longer!
  26. It strengthens your bones!
  27. It strengthens your heart!
  28. Your posture improves!
  29. It prevents colds!
  30. It increases your appetite!
  31. Your cholesterol level lowers!
  32. It reduces the risk of cancer!
  33. It decreases the risk of hypertension!
  34. It decreases the risk of diabetes!
  35. It lowers your risk of suffering of dementia!
  36. It alleviates back pain!
  37. It reduces risk of osteoporosis!
  38. It reduces the risk of depression!
  39. It prevents the loss of muscle tissue!
  40. It increases energy and stamina!
  41. It increase athletic performance!
  42. It increases resistance to pain!
  43. It improves balance and coordination!
  44. It improves the flow of oxygen to the cells!
  45. It improves concentration!
  46. It helps the self-control!
  47. It reduces fatigue!
  48. It increases your libido and sexual satisfaction!
  49. It makes your life more exciting!
  50. Improves YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE!


I’ve been training for about 6 years. I can vouch for each of the above reasons!

So take the list, print it, stick it on the bathroom mirror, refrigerator, I don’t care. When you ask yourself “why do I have to work out?”, take a look at the list and you will know! Enjoy!

“Sharing is caring – Pay It Forward”




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